Launch operations resumed: Soyuz rocket fuelling on-going


Launch operations resumed: Soyuz rocket fuelling on-going
24-04-2016 08:33 PM CEST


It’s getting serious. A couple of hours ago, based on updated measurements of the high winds, the key decision was taken to continue with countdown to launch and proceed to the fuelling of the Soyuz’s three stages with several fluids needed for the rocket’s propulsion: first hydrogen peroxide, then liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen, and finally kerosene – about the amount needed for an A330 passenger aircraft to make a round trip to Paris from Cayenne in French Guiana. Liquid oxygen and kerosene have been used for decades as rocket fuel – they powered the first stage of the giant Saturn V that took astronauts to the Moon. Today the fuelling takes two hours and 45 minutes.

Watch live the launch, starting with 21:02:13 GMT / 23:02:13 CEST.

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