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Better than dreaming
22-11-2016 03:30 PM CET

europeanspaceagency posted a photo:

Better than dreaming

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet arrived at the International Space Station last Saturday with Soyuz spacecraft commander Oleg Novitsky and NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson. This picture is the first he posted on social media, with the comment: “The International Space Station is amazing: better than in my best dreams. I wish everybody could get the chance to come up here!”

The image was taken in the Space Station’s Cupola observatory, one of ESA’s contributions to the orbital outpost. Built in Italy, the module features seven windows that are quadruple-glazed and shutters that can be closed for protection.

Although Thomas is only at the start of his six-month Proxima mission, he has already helped Station commander Shane Kimborough to monitor the robotic arm unberthing the Cygnus supply vessel – the golden panels in the background of this picture are on that craft.

Cupola is used to monitor spacecraft arrivals and departures and to operate the 16 m-long arm. It also offers breathtaking views of our planet.

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Credit: ESA/NASA

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