New Military History Publications – December 2016

The New Russian Agenda – A Growing Navy and Strategic Latin American Presence
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New Military History Publications – December 2016

16-021-New-or-Noteworthy_Banner_624x158Welcome to the U.S. Government Publishing Office’s New Title by Topic email alert service for Military History publications!

Insights into rapidly increasing Russian global activities; from upgrading a once depleted Navy to expanding their presence in America’s Hemispheric backyard.

The Russian Navy: A Historic Transition

The Russian Navy: A Historic Transition This publication is intended to provide the reader with a basic introduction to the Russian Navy and an appreciation of current developments that will shape Russia’s navy and its operations in the 21st century. In this book, you will also find historical and contemporary information about the Russian Military Planning operations; its strategic nuclear deterrent forces; the organization, including Russian Naval officer career paths, naval ships and aircraft fleets, and more.

Year/Pages: 2015: 64 p.; ill., 3 folded plates.

Stock Number: 008-000-01202-4

U.S. Price: $16.00

International Price: $22.40

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